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I work primarily as an editor right now, but I also write stories as often as I can. My career as a journalist has included reporting on education and politics at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, writing about business for The Daily Herald, curating a popular blog about culture for and investigating listener-submitted questions* for KUOW in Seattle. Here’s a small sample of my work.

*My favorite one was about pink slime.


An extremely pregnant woman has a few questions for the Motherhood Maternity customer service desk (McSweeney’s)

A new mother runs into an old friend who doesn’t recognize her but it’s OK because she’s totally chill about it (McSweeney’s)

KUOW Seattle

Voting can be dangerous for domestic violence survivors in Washington state (KUOW Public Radio)

The spooky, underwater forests of Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish (KUOW Public Radio)

Everyone wants to live in Seattle. Especially beavers (KUOW Public Radio)

If the news feels unbearable, stop and consider these coping strategies (KUOW Public Radio)

Why won’t this pink stuff stop growing in my bathroom? (KUOW Public Radio)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

When thermometer plunges, so does he (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Seattle’s college access lags far behind (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Going to college: Why does it matter? (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Seattle’s ‘Hero’ struts into rock stardom (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Flirting 101: UW class teaches students to ‘be brave’ (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

I flew in a stunt plane and didn’t throw up (

A peek aboard ‘Deadliest Catch’ boat the Wizard (

USA Today (sponsored content)

‘Paul’s Boots’: What you love shouldn’t wait (REI)

Restoring a dying river through business (Coca-Cola)

Would you go to this high school on a barge? (XQ Superschool Project)

The Daily Herald

More Snohomish County farms turn to tourism to stay alive (The Daily Herald)

Bad loans burst bubble for local banks (The Daily Herald)